Road services

We offer transport of full and groupage loads from Iran to EU countries and transport from the countries of EU to the following destinations and the other way round:
The Caucasus (Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia)
CIS (Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan)

We receive and dispatch cargo in accordance with specific requirements of cargo and distance from destination. We transport full, groupage, temperature controlled, oversized and dangerous cargo.

Transit & Transit services :
Our team specializes in planning and effectuation of project-related transports and in-transit services.

We offer cost effective and time saving transit services from Southern Iranian port of Bandar Abbas to all province of Iran &CIS destinations as well as Iraq connecting the Persian Gulf waterways to the land locked CIS nations, Afghanistan, and Northern Iraq.

That aside, Etehad Iran team have years of experience in handling and moving project and abnormal cargo on the road, via air, and thorough the seas, such as over-sized and heavy cargo. Our competent and experienced staff will smoothly coordinate and handle the logistics of such transports from A to Z.